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Retro Futurism Posters / Retro Space Art

Space Voyage- Retro Design Toolkit

Retro Futurism Posters Retro Space Art

Retro futurism posters with retro space art. This Freebie flyer with Atomic Ray Gun is designed with Space Voyage- Retro Design Toolkit. Vibrant mid- century modern collection that contains illustrated alphabet letters, numbers and a set of “atomic age” themed illustrations. This fun, dynamic toolkit will help you create stunning posters, book covers, flyers and more! Space Voyage pack is designed in trendy high contrast color combination that evokes vintage look and feel but with modern touch. See the entire collection on Creative Market:

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Retro Space Art Freebie

I designed this space art with Atomic Ray Gun as a flyer template in Mid Century Modern style. All text displayed on the flyer is fully editable so feel free to replace it with your own. You can also replace the font as well. Moreover, since it’s made in vector format, you can scale it to any size necessary without the loss of quality. Additionally, you can rearrange the design elements as you see fit.

On the other hand, if you still haven’t found the right template for your project make sure to browse through our Free Graphic Design Resources and maybe you find what you were looking for. Not to mention, its completely free!