Atomic Age Font- Space Voyage Toolkit

Mid-Century Space Themed Alphabet, Flyers, Illustrations


License: Commercial

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Product Files Include:

  • Alphabet letters
  • Numbers
  • Illustrations and signs
  • 4 Editable Flyer/ Poster Templates (fonts used: Brush Script, Cooper Black, Myriad Pro)
  • Ai vector files
  • Ait vector files
  • EPS10 vector files
  • PNG raster images saved separately in high res – alphabet size around: 1000 px, illustrations around 4000px

Software Compatibility:

EPS 10 vector format is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 10 or newer, AI vector format is compatible with Adobe cs5, PNG raster images can be opened with any photo editing software


Product description

Space Voyage: Atomic Age Font and Retro Design Toolkit

Space Voyage Collection comes with Atomic Age font and illustration toolkit. This vibrant collection is your passport to an era where retro meets cosmic, offering a playful cartoon style that adds a burst of energy into your designs.

A Retro Typographic Adventure: Alphabet Letters and Numbers

At the heart of Space Voyage is a set of illustrated alphabet letters and numbers. Each character evokes the distinctive feel of mid-century design, infusing your projects with a delightful touch of nostalgia.

Atomic Age Illustrations

“Atomic age” themed illustrations and signs, add a touch of cosmic wonder to your creations. From futuristic rockets to planets, these illustrations bring a sense of playfulness to your designs, making Space Voyage a go-to toolkit for those seeking a unique and retro-inspired designs.

Trendy High Contrast Color Palette: Vintage with a Modern Twist

Space Voyage is designed in a trendy high contrast color combination that evokes a vintage look and feel with a modern touch.

Editable Flyer/Poster Templates

To jumpstart your creative projects, Space Voyage includes 4 editable flyer/poster templates. These templates offer a hassle-free way to create stunning promotional materials, ensuring that even those new to design can easily produce professional-looking results.

Don’t forget to download Freebies from this Collection:

Retro Futurism Poster Template.

Spaceship Cartoon Clipart.


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