Hi there! I`m Diana, illustrator and designer at Polar Vectors

Thank you for stopping by at Polar Vectors! With a master's degree in Fine Art Education I first started working as a web designer and illustrator in a web development company. I soon started to do freelance work as an illustrator and graphic designer. A decade later and  I'm still doing freelance work for a small number of selected clients, but my main focus became creating  professional graphic resources for fellow designers to use in their creative projects. Sometimes it gets difficult to find just the right graphics that will make your products/projects shine. That`s why I am devoted to creating unique graphic resources that will help you achieve that goal. At Polar Vectors you will find a wide range of products that I designed with great care. My greatest wish is that you use them with joy and pride! If you have any questions or concerns drop me an email or say Hi on Instagram (@diana.hlevnjak). At the moment I don't take any new clients but I always take suggestions on what graphic resources I could create next. So if you have an idea for a new collection let me know!