Rainbow Butterfly Logo

Free Colorful Butterfly Logo

Free Rainbow Butterfly Logo
Free Rainbow Butterfly Logo

Free Rainbow Butterfly Logo. Lovely colorful butterfly logo icon is available for free download in various file formats. In addition, it also comes with black and white version.

Download “Rainbow Butterfly Logo” Rainbow-Butterfly-Logo.zip – Downloaded 213 times – 1.78 MB

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EPS file
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PNG file1326×950 px300 dpi
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Free Rainbow Butterfly Logo Icon

Can I Use this Freebie for Commercial Purposes?

Yes you can, please read our Content License Agreement. Fin out what you can and cannot do with our freebies.

Who Illustrated this Free Logo?

Rainbow Butterfly Logo Icon is designed by an illustrator Diana Hlevnjak.

Can I Use this Stock Logo to Represent my Business?

You can, but have in mind that you can’t register a trademark with stock logo. It will not be unique to your brand. We recommend that you invest in a custom logo design if your budget permits. Stock logo is a perfectly suitable as a temporary solution.

Can I Order a Custom Logo Design from You?

We do accept custom designs, but please reach out to us to ensure our current availability.

What are Some Potential Use Cases for a Rainbow Butterfly Logo?

LGBTQ+ Organizations: A rainbow butterfly logo is a powerful symbol of inclusivity and diversity, making it an ideal choice for LGBTQ+ organizations, support groups, or events.
Children’s Entertainment and Education: The bright and colorful nature of a butterfly can be well-suited for children’s entertainment, educational programs, or toy brands, conveying a sense of fun and creativity.
Mental Health and Well-being: The vibrant colors of a butterfly can be used to convey positivity and hope, making it suitable for mental health awareness campaigns, counseling services, or well-being initiatives.
Art and Creative Studios: For art studios, graphic designers, or any creative ventures, a butterfly logo can symbolize imagination, inspiration, and the colorful world of creativity.
Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofit organizations working towards social causes, diversity, or community empowerment can use a butterfly mark to convey a positive and impactful message.

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Shared by Diana Hlevnjak

Diana Hlevnjak, the owner of PolarVectors.com, brings over 15 years of experience in graphic and web design to the creative industry. Holding a Master’s degree in Fine Art, her expertise and visionary approach have led to partnerships with industry giants like Adobe and Hachette. As an illustrator and avid design trend follower, Diana not only offers an exclusive selection of top-tier design resources but also shares freebies to inspire and support the creative community.