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Restaurant Brand Identity

Retro Vintage Diner Interior Branding

Restaurant Brand Identity - Space Chronicles

Restaurant Brand Identity is much more than a pretty logo and a menu on the table. It’s the whole experience. From the look of the interior design, little touches like well thought out lighting to the feel of the sitting fabric. There is a nice saying from Jim Rohn that I really like. He said that people shouldn’t judge a man by it’s looks, but they do! Of course that you are more than what meets the eye, but before they get to know you, they are gonna take a look. And that first impression will form an opinion. It is the same for restaurants, so it’s good to make sure that you start off on the right track from the very beginning.

Premade Branding Kit for restaurants and diners

There is a lot that goes into branding a restaurant, so premade branding kits are excellent resources to get you started. One of the many benefits of such kits is their ability to remove the stress from starting everything from scratch. They paint a vivid picture of how will your restaurant brand identity come to life. They provide you with a predefined theme and a color palette. With that it’s a lot easier to decide on the interior design based on the graphics that you have. It eliminates a world of possible choices you need to make, it narrows it down to a certain theme that let’s you have a clear focus and cohesive overall look and feel of your restaurant business. Not yet convinced? Let’ take a look at one such example.

Space Chronicles Branding Collection- Mid Century design theme

Let’s say you are a huge fan of sci-fi genre and you’re opening a fast food diner. You might want your restaurant brand identity reflect that passion. So you go with the Space Chronicles Branding Collection as your brand guidelines (See collection below).

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Now you already have a general theme and you can start your branding process. First things first, you will design your interior accordingly. Choose a retro vintage look that will reflect the playfulness of the Premade Branding Kit. Something in the lines of the mid century modern atomic age.

Make sure to introduce the same color palette from your branding kit into the interior space as well. Remember that you’re going for a cohesive well rounded brand identity and color consistency is an important element that helps achieve that task. Think about retro wallpapers and vintage posters that will add to the cosiness of your diner space.

Introducing Retro Memorabilia

If you really want to make a lasting impression on your customers you simply have to think about little details such as retro memorabilia. You just finished the interior styling and it looks awesome but it is nothing but a blank canvas until you introduce items that will make your customers feel like home. Make sure to include old vintage magazines, comic books and even a few toys of your favourite sci-fi movie heroes, a few spaceship models will go a long way making your customers feel special and your diner an inviting place to stay.

Don’t forget about the music

Music is a vital part of every bar, restaurant or diner. This may sound strange but music should match your branding too. If you set up your diner to reflect a mid century modern theme and it feels like a time machine when you set your eyes on the interior, your music have to reflect the same. That doesn’t mean you always have to play the same album but it does mean that you will choose from a set of music compilations that were a big hit in mid 20th century. You can also play a lounge mix tape with “space” vibes and no lyrics.

What ever you do, choose wisely and don’t go too contemporary because your customers will notice that your music is off, especially if you placed such care in every other aspect of your restaurant brand identity. Try to set up a vintage jukebox or at least have a record player instead of a contemporary player.

Restaurant packaging and promo materials

Now that you’ve set up everything it’s time to tackle your menu, promotional flyers, poster and food packaging look. Premade branding kit is here to help with that, if the kit is of high quality, this process should be straightforward and easy. Every high quality branding kit should come with a set of visuals that can be used to compile all your graphic materials. Space Chronicles Branding collection comes with a set of illustrations, comic book speech bubbles and seamless patterns. That is more than enough for you to design your packaging and promotional materials.

Do I need to be a designer to pull this off?

It’s not really a “yes” or “no” answer. Some basic design skills would be preferable. However, they are not necessary. I provided the high res PNG images which can be used in any type of photo editing software. So if you don’t have a vector software to edit the files, you can use Canva instead. Canva is a free tool that let’s you import your own PNG images and add text if needed. That would make it easy for you to insert your own text into the speech bubbles, just like on the examples below:

You can also use noissue that allows you to design your own branded print material, and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world within 3 weeks. They have an online platform in which you can place your design and see how the final product looks before shipping. These are just some ideas on how to use Space Chronicles branding kit without the software. If non of these work for you, and you simply don’t have a designer inside of you then yes, you should find a designer to help you out. The good news is that you don’t have to find a professional designer, a junior level designer should work just fine. You only need someone who can mix and match the branding kit elements into layouts and add your own promo text.

What type of license should I use for the Premade Branding Kit?

All my premade branding kits come with a personal, commercial, extended commercial and Enterprise license , however, if you’re planning on using the kit for an extensive restaurant branding I would suggest to reach out to me for a custom license. That way we can come up with a license that will reflect your print runs more accurately.

Most importantly don’t forget to have fun designing your restaurant brand identity!

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