Light blue background gradient

Winter Gradients Collection

Light Blue Background gradient

Free light blue background gradient. This blue gradient bg comes from Winter Gradients Collection which includes 30 pastel gradient backgrounds in winter theme colors. The entire set is available for purchase in our Shop:

Pastel Color Background Collection- Winter Gradient

Download description: EPS vector file, JPG raster image saved in high resolution, size: 4167  ×  4167 px.

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Free pastel gradient background

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Free Light Blue background gradient

Gradient abstract background textures come in many color combinations and many different color intensities. To demonstrate the diversity of such designs take a look at the free gradient backgrounds selection that we have so far here at Polar Vectors. Most popular color choices, when it comes to gradients, are holographic, pastel and vibrant color transitions.

The main difference between the holographic and pastel gradients is their color saturation. Holographic gradients are very similar to pastel colors, with one exception, they are far more saturated. In contrast, pastel colors have exceptionally low color saturation. Therefore, the best use for pastel gradient backgrounds is on creative projects that call for soft, gentle, sophisticated designs. Holographic backgrounds can be used in more diverse, bold design projects where color needs to be emphasized.

You can never have enough of gradient backgrounds among your graphic resources. While they all look a like, their subtle differences are decisive when you need to make a decision which color combination will work the best for your project. For example, pastel sky blue and vibrant sky blue color hues would be completely different from each other.

Don’t forget to browse through our library of free graphic resources to find just the right vector background for your creative designs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, get the most from Shutterstock Free Trial that offers you up to 10 royalty free vector images.

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