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Blurred gradient shape in blue and purple colors

Gradient Energy- 30 Vibrant Shapes

Blurred gradient shape in blue and purple colors

Free blurred gradient shape in blue and purple colors. This freebie comes from Gradient Energy- 30 Vibrant Shapes Collection. Purchase the full set on Creative Market:

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Download description: EPS vector file, PNG raster image saved in high resolution, size: 2489  ×  2330 px.

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Abstract blurred gradient shape

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How to apply blurred gradient

Blurred gradient shapes in form of design resources are a great way to enhance your creative projects. Their abstraction and vibrant colors will make them perfect for modern and contemporary web designs, blog posts graphics or social media post designs.

Apply Blur gradients easily as backdrops/ backgrounds to elevate the design of your quotes or titles. Blurry gradients are very similar to the gradient backgrounds, what separates them is their “more fluid form”. Basically, gradient backgrounds are designed in rectangular or square shapes. As a result, they will have more strict type of usage if your design skills are at a basic level.

Gradients blurs will have a form of a dynamic rounded ovals, circular forms or other type of free form dimensions. This gives you an opportunity to use the shape in your designs in many different ways. You can crop it to the size and shape that fit your project or use transparent PNG file format. Transparency will allow you to place the design element on any background color you wish. Because of that you will be able to blend the blur into your own design fast and easy with some room for experimentation.

It is also worth noting that although these type of design elements work perfectly in web design, they are also great for print usage. As a matter of fact feel free to use these blur gradients in flyers and posters to bring a modern, trendy touch to your creative projects.