Art show flyer- Free minimalist art exhibition flyer

Winter Gradient Textures Collection

Art show flyer- Free art exhibition flyer

Free art show flyer template in minimalist design. Art exhibition flyer is fully editable so simply replace the text with your own. It’s designed with Pastel Color Background Collection which comes with 30 pastel gradient backgrounds in winter theme. Altogether, set is available for purchase in our Shop:

Pastel Color Background Collection- Winter Gradient

Download description: AIT vector file, JPG preview image 

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Free pastel gradient background

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Free Art Show Flyer- Art Exhibition Flyer Template

In the event that you’re looking for a well designed minimalist Exhibition Flyer template cover this is your day. This flyer template comes in a vector .ait (Adobe Illustrator Template) file format, not to mention, it’s free! So simply replace the text with your own and you are all set.

Most important thing to remember is that you can easily replace the graphics on the flyer template. If you need to insert a photograph instead of the free pastel background that’s included in this particular design, you can. As you can see on the top preview image of the download, you will get an abstract gradient background that you can swap out or leave in, if that’s what you prefer.

If you’re fully satisfied with an abstract illustration on your exhibition flyer cover template check out the current list of abstract gradient backgrounds that you can insert into your flyer.

In case you’re looking for more templates to save for later, check out our free templates category and stock up on the graphic resources for your future design projects.

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