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Abstract topographic gradient shapes

Gradient Topography Collection

Abstract topographic gradient shapes

Free abstract topographic gradient shapes. This free vibrant color gradient is a part of Gradient Topography collection filled with 60 topographic gradients ideal for both web and print purposes. These colorful abstract topographic shapes will work great as backdrops on photos, as web elements, for poster or brochure designs and so much more. Check out the full set in our shop:

Gradient Shapes Topographic Design Elements

Download description: Ai vector file, high res. PNG raster image in 1117  ×  1135 px size

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Adobe Illustrator paper cut out effect

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Gradient shapes in abstract topographic design

Another take on the gradient design elements is the “topographic map” look. This type of gradients evidently imitate the round, fluid curves of the land surface shape mapping. Furthermore, they come in many different styles and forms.

I designed the Gradient Topography collection with flat color gradations. The depth is achieved with transparency effect applied on each layer of the shape. In the same way, the similar approach to the Gradient Topographic design is the fluid paper cut out effect. This time I achieved the depth with the use of “drop shadow” effect.

In like manner, gradient backgrounds using colored thin lines to depict oval curves are certainly another great way to address the popular topographic theme in graphic design.

If you need more of these undoubtedly interesting and unquestionably useful graphic resources use the Envato Elements Free Trial and search for the “topographic” backgrounds and textures like the ones mentioned below:

Topographic backgrounds and textures from Envato Elements:

Abstract topographic gradient shapes

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