Gradient Topography



EPS10 vector format is compatible with Adobe Illustrator10 or with newer versions, JPEG and PNG raster images can be opened with any photo editing software


  • AI vector files
  • EPS10 vector files
  • JPEG preview images
  • PNG raster images in high res (300 dpi), size around 1000 px, saved separately with transparent background



I am so happy to present you with 60 topographic gradients! It is one of the most popular products in my shop and it`s used in most surprising ways! Collection will be ideal for both web and print purposes. These colorful abstract topographic shapes will work great as backdrops on photos, as web elements, for poster or brochure designs and so much more. Please check out the preview images to get inspired and see all gradients that are included in the product!


Because of the large interest in Gradient Topography I played around with the same concept to create a similar but unique pack of textures. I am a huge fan of paper cut art and I thought that the topographic look fits perfectly into that subject. So I made Vibrant Paper Cut Art Toolkit:

Vibrant Paper Cut Art Toolkit

It follows the same design principal of placing fluid, round shapes on top of each other. Only this time I used less transparency effects and I added shadows that will emulate the look of cutout paper. This too is a very much popular style that can be seen used on websites and print materials. In my opinion, what makes this style so appealing is the colors used together and the form of the shapes. They simply must match well and create a certain abstract, impressionistic feeling, otherwise it is just a look of “stacked paper”. Have in mind that the choice of color and curves of the shapes determine how good your digital paper feels.

Thank You!

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