Free Easter Bunny Clipart

Free Easter Rabbit in Origami Style Vector Illustration

Free Easter Bunny Clipart
Free Easter Bunny Clipart

Free Easter Bunny Clipart -full preview

Free Easter Bunny Clipart. Enjoy this minimalist vector illustration of a polygonal origami-style blue Easter bunny beside a white egg adorned with blue daisies. Soft pastel hues create a serene backdrop, leaving ample room for your message.

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Free Easter Bunny Clipart Illustration in Origami Style

Can I use this Freebie for Commercial Purposes?

Yes you can, make sure to read our Content License Agreement.

Who Illustrated this Free Illustration?

The artist of the Easter Bunny Illustration in Origami Style is illustrator / designer Diana Hlevnjak.

What are Potential Use Cases for Easter Clipart?

Easter Greeting Cards: Use the Easter bunny clipart to create vibrant and cheerful Easter greeting cards. Incorporate the clipart into your designs to add a playful and festive touch to your messages.
Easter Party Invitations: Design eye-catching invitations for your Easter gatherings using Easter bunny clipart. Whether it’s for a family brunch, community event, or virtual celebration, adding cute bunny images can make your invitations more appealing and fun.
Product Packaging: If you’re a business owner, consider using Easter bunny clipart to enhance your product packaging during the Easter season. Whether you sell chocolates, gifts, or home decor items, incorporating bunny images can make your products more appealing to customers.
Email Newsletters: Spruce up your email newsletters with Easter bunny clipart to engage subscribers and add a festive touch to your communications. Use the clipart to highlight Easter promotions, events, or simply to spread holiday cheer.
Decorations: Print out Easter bunny clipart to create decorations for your home, classroom, or office. From banners and posters to table centerpieces and wall decals, the clipart can be used to improve the festive atmosphere and bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

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Shared by Diana Hlevnjak

Diana Hlevnjak, the owner of, brings over 15 years of experience in graphic and web design to the creative industry. Holding a Master’s degree in Fine Art, her expertise and visionary approach have led to partnerships with industry giants like Adobe and Hachette. As an illustrator and avid design trend follower, Diana not only offers an exclusive selection of top-tier design resources but also shares freebies to inspire and support the creative community.