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Fall Colors Background Set

Fall Colored Backgrounds

Fall Colors Background Set

Free Fall Colors Background Set. 20 Fall colored backgrounds in soft pastel gradient transitions. 

Download description: AI vector file, EPS vector file, high resolution JPG raster images in 4187  ×  4176 px size.

Download “Fall Colors Background Set” – Downloaded 4 times – 2.89 MB

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Free Fall Colors Background Set in Pastel Palette

Download Fall colored backgrounds and use them for your personal or commercial projects.

The colors most representative of the fall (autumn) season are warm, earthy tones that reflect the changing foliage and harvest time.

Here are some of the most characteristic colors:

Rich Reds Background Fall Colors

  • Deep, burgundy reds reminiscent of changing leaves.
Fall Colors Background Sale Banner with red Autumn leaves

Download Elegant Autumn Voucher Design.

Burnt Orange Fall Colors

  • A warm, deep orange like that of pumpkins and autumn sunsets.
Orange Fall Colors Background Palettes

Download Fall Orange Color Guide Palette.

Golden Yellow Fall Colors

  • Bright, warm yellows similar to the color of ripe corn or sunflowers.
Hello Autumn 3D Illustration with Fall Leaves

Download Hello Autumn 3D Minimal Background.

Earthy Browns

  • Shades of brown, from light tan to dark chocolate, representing the earth and fallen leaves.
Fall Colors Background set - Sale Coupons in earthy browns

Download Autumn Gift Promotion Coupon Banners.

Olive Green

  • A muted green, often associated with the changing color of leaves before they fall.
Fall Colors Background set with Olive Green Palettes

Download Fall Theme Color Palettes and Color Schemes.

Other Frequently Used Colors for Fall / Autumn Season:

  • Rust: A reddish-brown color, evoking images of rusted leaves and autumn harvest.
  • Plum: A deep, purplish-red color reminiscent of ripe plums and grapes.
  • Navy Blue: A darker blue, representing the cooler evenings and nights of fall.
  • Taupe: A warm gray-brown, often associated with the natural tones of the season.
  • Mustard Yellow: A muted, warm yellow similar to the color of mustard seeds.

These colors are inspired by the natural changes in vegetation and scenery during the autumn season in many temperate regions. They evoke feelings of coziness, warmth, and comfort, which are often associated with this time of year.