Drop cap font- Letter L drop cap lettering in Art Deco style

Drop Cap Typography

Drop cap font- Letter L drop cap lettering in Art Deco style

Free letter L drop cap lettering in Art Deco style. This freebie comes from Drop Cap font typography ornamented with floral designs, flowers, plants and leaves in Art Deco style. The full typography is available on Creative Market:

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Free Drop Cap Font – Letter L

What you’re getting with this freebie is a Capital Letter L designed in a Drop Cap Art Deco style. In the very early history printed books used the so called Initial Capital Letter in an illustrative, decorative way. They would emphasise this initial letter (also called Drop Cap Letter) by making it larger than the surrounding letters and with time this practice led to an increase in decoration of the letter.

In essence, floral designs, rich patterns and colorful paintings were used to decorate a Drop Cap Initial Letter. Today, this practice is far less used in printing, unless carefully and deliberately planed. If applied, it will only be a subtle (a somewhat larger initial drop cap) change. The same case scenario is also present on websites or blogs. Giving all these points, decorative Drop Cap Letters are very interesting finds as graphic resources because you can use them in many different ways creatively.

You can use them in quotes that you can print out and frame on your wall, on invitations, you can always use them as a separate symbols or logos. These days, illustrated drop cap letters are designed in many different styles (art deco, geometric, synth wave…), modern or traditional. In any case, find some of them here in our free illustrated letters category.