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80s Synthwave background illustration

Free retro Synthwave vector illustration in 80s style

80s Synthwave background illustration

80s Synthwave background illustration Freebie includes summer landscape illustration inspired by synth wave trend. It includes the bright red neon sunset over the mountains and ocean covered with retro wave grid lines. I made this illustration with my 1980s Synthwave Toolkit collection that comes with over 80 retro elements. If you wish to create your own unique synth inspired illustrations check it out:

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80s Synthwave background illustration

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Free 80s Synthwave Background

I imagined this free vector graphics as a Synthwave 80s wallpaper template. With this purpose in mind, you can customise this free vector file to fit your needs. By all means, feel free to change the colors or add text to the design. For the most part, 80s retro style is defined by neon grid perspectives, geometric and low polygon design elements with glowing vibrant neon effects. Sunsets, palm trees and vintage sports cars are all very common. To summarize, Retrofuturism in combination with electronic music is what describes best this particular design style.

Vibrant, highly saturated colors are balanced against dark backgrounds. All in all, you can choose from a variety of graphic resources designed in a retrowave style. Use the 10% off coupon code from Shutterstock and start downloading royalty free synth wave vector graphics and images. Not to mention, you can also sign up for the Free Trial if you haven’t signed up on Shutterstock before. This way, you get to download 10 free images of your choice. So get started!