Oceanic Rulers: Whales collection

Oceanic Rulers-Whales

Dive in and explore this amazing collection of Oceanic Rulers! You will find the most beautiful creatures swimming under the blue ocean surface: Blue whale, Orca Killer whale, Humpback whale, Minke whale, Beluga whale and Sperm whale!

Get ready to create most mesmerizing designs and artworks with scenic illustrations and modern geometric symbol decorations. Collection contains vector formats ( AI, EPS 10) and raster images (JPEG and PNG images saved with transparent backgrounds). All artwork is in high res (300 dpi).

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Contemporary Wildlife wallpapers for home interior design

Magnificent wildlife
Magnificent wildlife
Magnificent wildlife

If you are considering to decorate your home with art and you want something fresh and different consider buying a contemporary wildlife wallpapers.

Why wallpapers? They are a low cost commodity, very affordable way for everyone to have an interesting and beautiful art on their walls. In this days you are probably trying to low all unnecessary costs. By choosing digital art that can be printed out in any size you want for a low cost you are doing just that. By now you are probably asking, but what about art value? That is the great part! We are now in digital age, and buying an art that is in a digital format does not mean that you didn`t acquire it from an artist. It just means that this particular art can be reproduced many times and therefore an artist can afford to reduce the price on a more acceptable manner for their clients.

All artworks featured here are a part of Magnificent Wildlife Collection, stop by and see more!