How to illustrate a polygonal portrait of a dog PART1

In this tutorial I will show you how to illustrate a polygonal portrait of a dog (Jack Russell terrier) in Adobe Illustrator. It is taken in two parts, you are watching PART 1. You can find the finished illustration here on Polar Vectors inside of a beautiful seamless pattern collection My Daily Dog Patterns!

Image of a dog that I`m using as a reference is taken by Irene Davila (



How to draw a minimalistic low polygon landscape. Global warming theme

I took a Global warming theme for this video, it is a step by step process in creating a minimal low polygon ocean view landscape with polar bear standing on a melting iceberg formation. I selected color pallete in advance and used the same chosen colors throughout the illustration design.

I was working out the concept as i drew so there is a few breaks while i was thinking about what will be my next step, hopefully you will find it helpful or simply inspiring.