Dog Patterns Collection- 12 Dog Breeds

Adorable 12 Seamless Dog Patterns- Vector, PNGs and JPGs


License: Commercial

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Product Files Include:

  • AI vector formats
  • EPS10 vector formats
  • JPEG raster images in high res, size 4833 x 4833 px
  • PNG raster images with transparent background saved in high res, size 4833 x 4833 px

Software Compatibility:

EPS10 vector format is compatible with Adobe Illustrator10 or with newer versions, JPEG and PNG raster images can be opened with any photo editing software


Product description

Dog Patterns Collection

Dog Patterns Collection is filled with canine charm and playfulness. Whether you’re a pet enthusiast or seeking adorable patterns for a variety of applications, this collection promises to add a delightful touch to your creations.

Adorable Vector Seamless Patterns

Our Dog Patterns Collection features 12 beloved dog breeds. From the tiny Chihuahua to the majestic Husky, each vector seamless pattern captures the unique personality and charm of these canine companions. Whether you’re designing stationery, textiles, or digital designs, these patterns offer many design options for creating eye-catching, heartwarming visuals.

For Photoshop Users

Designed with your convenience in mind, our Dog Patterns Collection is not only suitable for traditional vector design but also caters to Photoshop users. Easily include these patterns into your projects.

We’ve included raster JPEGs and PNGs alongside the vector files. This means you can add these patterns into your projects, whether you’re working with vector graphics or prefer the simplicity of raster formats.

Meet the Breeds from Dog Patterns Collection

The collection features a lineup of popular dog breeds. The tiny yet spirited Chihuahua, the charming Pug, the iconic Bulldog family (Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, and English Bulldog). Also, the Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, Doberman, Jack Russell Terrier, German Shepherd, Border Collie and Husky.

Don’t forget to Download a Freebie from this Collection:

Free Chihuahua Seamless Pattern.

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Geometric Dog Vector Illustration Set
Geometric Dog Vector Illustration Set


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