Seamless Floral Pattern

Free Seamless Floral Pattern with Jasmine Flower and Pink Butterflies

Free Seamless Floral Pattern
Free Seamless Floral Pattern

Free Seamless Floral Pattern. Botanical repeating pattern with Jasmine Flower and Pink Butterflies comes with green and transparent backdrop so you can add your own background color.

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Free Seamless Floral Pattern

Can I use this Free Pattern for Commercial Purposes?

Sure, while you’re still here, read our Content License Agreement.

Who Illustrated this Free Pattern?

Seamless Floral Pattern is illustrated by artist Diana Hlevnjak.

Where can Seamless Patterns be Applied?

Textile Design: Clothing: Floral patterns work well on dresses, blouses, and skirts, creating a fresh and feminine look.
Home Textiles: Use floral patterns on bedspreads, curtains, and pillowcases to bring a sense of natural elegance to home décor.
Stationery and Paper Goods: Notebooks and Journals: Apply seamless floral patterns to covers for a charming and artistic appearance.
Greeting Cards: Floral patterns can enhance the aesthetics of greeting cards, making them suitable for various occasions.
Packaging Design: Gift Wrapping: Floral patterns on gift wrap can add a visually appealing and festive touch.
Product Packaging: Apply floral patterns to packaging for beauty and elegance, especially for products related to beauty, wellness, or nature.
Interior Design: Wallpapers: Use floral patterns on wallpapers to add a timeless and natural aesthetic to interior spaces.
Upholstery and Furniture: Apply floral patterns to upholstery and furniture pieces for a soft and inviting atmosphere.
Event Invitations: Weddings: Floral patterns are popular in wedding invitations, creating a romantic and classic feel.
Special Events: Apply floral patterns to invitations for various events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

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