Orca Clipart Illustration

Oceanic Rulers: Whales

Orca Clipart Illustration

Free Orca Clipart illustration of a Killer Whale with decorative geometric elements. Freebie comes from Whale Art Wallpaper Set and Design Elements. Full set includes Orca whale, Blue whale, Humpback whale, Beluga whale, Sperm whale and Minke whale. See the entire collection in our Shop:

Whale Art Wallpaper Set

Download description: Ai vector file, EPS vector file, JPEG raster image saved in high res., size: 4167  ×  4167 px, PNG raster image saved in high res., size: 3035  ×  2378 px.

Download “Orca Clipart” Orca-whale-illustration.zip – Downloaded 90 times – 6.48 MB

Humpback whale clipart

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Sperm Whale Clipart Illustration.

Free Orca Clipart Illustration

Clip Art Orca illustration features killer whale isolated on white background additionally decorated with transparent geometric shapes or to be precise, floating triangles. In this case, the additional geometric elements create a dynamic setting in which the killer whale interacts with them. To point out, Killer Whale Clip Art can be scaled to any size you need without any loss of quality.

Cartoon Orca logo templates on Envato Elements

If you stop by on Envato Elements and insert the keyword “orca” in their search bar, you will most likely find an awesome set of cartoon orca logo templates to work with. Envato Elements offers you a chance to start with a Free Trial so don’t wait to start browsing through their library.

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